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Ms. Kim has been a crucial part in the healing process of my daughter after a long journey through domestic violence. Her constant care, attention to detail and overall presence while working with my child has been amazing. I can see a boost not only in her self confidence but also in our ability to communicate and rebuild our family dynamic. My daughter looks forward to their sessions and uses the tools she is taught not only at home but in her everyday life. -AR

Kim is kind, a great listener, and non judgmental. I feel safe and welcome during our sessions. I truly look forward to meeting every other week. Kim has helped me work through anxiety, depression, grief, and the occasional difficult week at work. I love her vibes! She is cool, caring, genuine, and compassionate. The work we have done over the past year has changed my life. She has helped me develop the tools that I needed to deal with difficult life situations. She helped me learn how to set boundaries and not be so hard on myself. She also helped me learn how to cope with grief that I have struggled with for 10 years. I am so glad that I sought out therapy and grateful that I was connected with Kim.  I would highly recommend Kim! -J.G. 2021

After a hard depression journey and getting into a new stage in my life. I went into therapy really wanting to dig deep and work on self growth. I wanted to learn more coping mechanisms and about boundaries. Kim has helped me so much in this journey and I cannot wait to keep working with her in the future.  -T.P. 

I came to Kim as my therapist after having years of bad experiences trying to find a therapist I liked. I really feel like I lucked out once I found her - she always made me feel comfortable and able to share whatever I wanted in a safe environment
I was struggling with a lot of anxiety and stress and she helped me develop the tools I needed to go about my everyday life without letting these issues control everything around me. - Jenna 

Kim is a compassionate and skillful listener and she has a unique ability to make a therapy session feel like a coffee break with a friend.  She can unpack things for you in a digestible way that leaves you feeling validated and in control of your thoughts and feelings. My criteria for finding a therapist was someone that I could learn from but also relate to. Kim has far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a confidant that can help overcome any obstacles on your path to well being. - Christine 

…I am a recovering addict and was an active addict from the age of 14-26. Due to my addiction, I was sent to 7 rehabilitation centers - both private and state run. I have NEVER had the experience of working with someone so qualified and as intellectually sound as Mrs. Kaplan. Over the course of my life, I have seen a dozen Psychologists, dozens of counselors & a dozen psychiatrists. Whether with a PHD or just a drug counseling degree, I haven’t ever felt like I had met the proper match, I haven’t felt safe nor have I gotten proper treatment. Since finding Mrs. Kaplan, I have seen substantial growth, have gained a sense of self respect, I feel that I am, FOR THE FIRST TIME, progressing and most importantly, I feel safe. I am not looking to cancel counseling like I used to, but I now find that I am excited to get to see Kim. I am not fearful of my current issues or stressors because I finally feel that I have a REAL support system. Regardless of why I am here in counseling, what issues I have, what I am going through, I know that I’m safe and I am just a call or session away from getting not only answers, but genuine relief & understanding. It's one thing to be a licensed counselor, it's another thing to be a great, empathetic & fruitful mentor with brilliance that spews through your  actions and words. If you’re looking for intellect, insight, help and the feeling of compassion & care, please reach out to her. Mrs. Kaplan will become family and she is very much family to me. She’s even invited to my wedding as I wouldn’t have a wedding without her. If you're looking for individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, this is your person. I’d bet money on it! Make the call, and make the change. - Jena B.

“I’ve been working with Kim for almost a year. I can recall the first time meeting her and feeling an immediate sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. Kim listens with attentiveness, curiosity, and appreciation. She provides consistent feedback and resources that work for me and allows me to work through my thinking and build on our discussions. I can apply our work to my every day and I’m grateful to be myself with her and know that I grow a little more each time we talk.” - Nicole

When I first decided to talk with a therapist I thought, "I'll give it a shot" and boy am I glad I did.  From the very first day that I spoke with Kim, I felt an instant connection. She is so easy to talk to and makes me feel extremely comfortable about opening up about myself.   She is so supportive and understanding that at times I feel like I am talking with a good friend.  She has given me great tools and material to help me deal with my daily stress and anxiety.  Kim has taught me how to set boundaries and to treat myself as kindly as I treat others. Talking with her has been one of the best decisions that I have made for myself. I am truly so thankful for all of her help and support.  I will forever be grateful for our continued time together and happy that "I gave it a shot" - Kim M

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